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December 5, 9:00 am in New York
New York Knicks vs Memphis Grizzlies

December 5, 4:00 pm in Phoenix
Phoenix Suns vs Atlanta Hawks

December 5, 5:00 pm in Sacramento
Sacramento Kings vs Philadelphia 76ers

December 5, 7:00 pm in Charlotte
Charlotte Bobcats vs Detroit Pistons

December 8, 12:00 am in San Antonio
San Antonio Spurs vs Detroit Pistons

December 12, 3:00 am in Miami
Miami Heat vs Indians Pacers

December 12, 5:00 am in New Jersey
New Jersey Nets vs Golden State Warriors

December 12, 9:00 am in New York
New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks

December 12, 12:00 pm in Dallas
Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs

December 14, 12:00 am in Memphis
Memphis Grizzlies vs Milwaukee Bucks

December 24, 12:00 am in Toronto
Toronto Raptors vs LA Clippers

January 2, 4:00 am in Minnesota
Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies

January 2, 1:00 pm in Boston
Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers

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